The EC’s White Paper and the Launch of a Consultation on the EU Digital Infrastructure

05 March 2024

On 21st February, the European Commission released a White Paper on “How to master Europe’s digital infrastructure needs?”. Digital infrastructures are one of the four pillars of the EU’s Digital Decade Policy Programme 2030. The document identifies the challenges that the EU is facing in the development and rollout of future connectivity networks including technology, investment needs, lack of single markets, the convergence of electronic communications networks and services, dependencies, innovation, industrial capabilities, security and sustainability.

The Paper also highlights potential actions for public policy such as the Digital Networks Act, aiming to:

  • promote the development of a digital network of the future
  • support the transition to new technologies and business models
  • support connectivity needs of all practitioners
  • promote competitiveness
  • ensure secure and resilient infrastructures

The EC launched, alongside this White Paper, a broader consultation of Member States, industry, research and civil society with the aim to collect their perspectives on the different scenarios presented in the document.

The consultation will close on 30 June 2024

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