EU News: working towards a pan-European Critical Communication System

09 July 2024

Earlier in May, the Commission published a news looking at the role of the EU Critical Communication System (EUCCS) in enhancing the public communication infrastructure resilience and strengthening the ability of  Europe to react in crisis situations.

The EUCCS was conceived following the Council Conclusions on the Protection of Public Spaces (7 June 2021) calling for a secure, interoperable, EU-wise communication system for public security.

Recently, the EC also released the White Paper How to master Europe’s digital infrastructure needs? announcing that EUCCS will be established by 2030.

This long journey started through a requirement study through BroadMap project (2016-2017), moved to the Pre-commercial Procurement with BroadWay (2018-22) and is now beginning to test the operational dimension through BroadEU.Net (2022-2026), a program funded by DG HOME’s Internal Security Fund (ISF) and gathering 15 Member States and Schengen representatives.

Read the EC News at THIS LINK


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