Open Market Consultation

Prior Information Notice

The BroadEU.Net Prior Information Notice (PIN) was first released on TED on 7th March 2024. The initial PIN has now been updated with a revised schedule of the procurement timeline (expected dates):

  • Publication of the request for tender: Start of July 2024
  • Signature of the contracts: end of September 2024
  • Deployment of testbeds expected: March 2025

The updated PIN can be downloaded in the three languages (EN, FR, NL) at the links below:

To download the full Procurement Documents (EN, FR, NL), click on THIS LINK.

Open Market Consultation (OMC):

The Open Market Consultation (OMC), was announced in the Prior Information Notice on TED on 7th March 2024. The OMC is a preparatory stage for the preparation of Mission Critical testbeds. It continues our journey to find solutions towards the establishment of the EU Critical Communication System (EUCCS) and helps define our strategy for the request for tender.

Successful procurement requires involving technology companies and potential consortia from early on to gain market insight on state-of-the-art and expected future developments in the field of mission critical mobile broadband technology. The OMC was concluded  with the internal review of the answers provided by the industry to the OMC questionnaire. Answers were analysed by the TVC during the Zagreb meeting.

OMC Briefing Event (June 2024)

On 3rd June 2024, BroadEU.Net held a briefing event in Vienna (Austria) at the National Defence Academy. The event was hosted by the Austrian Ministry of Defense.

The aim of the briefing was to provide general information on the features of the procurement and prepare the market to meet the contracting authority’s requirements.

Participants who could not attend the event, can access the briefing material at the following LINK

OMC Briefing Event (March 2024)

On 19th March, 10h00-12h00 CET BroadEU.Net organized an Open Market Consultation Briefing Event to share with the audience the programme’s goals, ambitions and challenges, introduce the OMC questionnaire, and provide more information on the tendering process.

Participants who could not attend the event, can access the briefing material at the following links:

OMC Questionnaire 

The launch of the OMC was accompanied by the release of an OMC questionnaire on 8th March 2024. The objective of the questionnaire is to leverage on the existing expertise to gain market insight and expertise from businesses and key stakeholders in order to better define the tender specifications.

The Questionnaire was closed on 5th April 2024.

The following questions were raised during and following the Open Market Consultation briefing on 19th March.

OMC_QA1When do the testbeds need to be installed and ready for use?
How long is the test period?
Details will be indicated in RFT.
OMC_QA2It was indicate in presentation 3.5 M€ budget, and in PIN it is 1.1 M€.3.5M€ is for the whole BroadEU.Net programme and 1.1M€ is procurement budget.
OMC_QA3How many contracts will be signed?At this stage we can say more then 2.
OMC_QA4It appears, there is no way to fill diagrams or pictures into the answer’s fields in the questionaire – this is very unfortunate when completing the answers. Please provide your answers by description.
OMC_QA5As mentioned, the testbed shall be OTT, so why are then links to the RAN in the arch?‘Architecture Testbed -general view’ is the view which shows final BroadEU.Net solution with all elements.
Not all elements will be procured in this stage, this is given as an illustration of the BroadEU.Net architecture.
Elements which will be procured will be explained in RFT.
OMC_QA6The budget is going to be split between the different winners?The budget is going to be split between the different winners? Details will be provided in the RFT.
OMC_QA7Any requirements towards the RAN? S-MVNO, dedicated…Please fill the questionnaire based on interest and capability of your organisation.
Details will be provided in RFT.
OMC_QA8Can you indicate already if the PAN EUROPEAN Hub and SPICENET portal is still be part of the final scope as well as the backbone interfacing ?
Already it was explained that IRIS2 is excluded for Satcom.
Details will be provided in RFT.
OMC_QA9Can you confirm that the due date for questionnaire submission is 5th of April?Yes, the last day for submission is 5th April, End of Day.
OMC_QA10Can you please confirm confidentiality of questionnaire submissions.The questionnaire submissions are only accessible by PSCE and will only be shared with members of the Group of Procurers as listed in the Prior Information Notice (PIN). The purpose is to help to finalise the Request for Tender as described during the briefing (see above). Confidentiality is therefore retained within this limited distribution.