The BroadWay Challenge and the Solutions

This page brings together all relevant information to help understand the work and technical outcome of BroadWay. Technical details of each solution remain confidential to each of the competing suppliers. Presentations below give a clear insight of their solutions.

Trial videos

  • The three videos here are short 1 minute teasers of the 3 trial events which took place in June/July 2022. Full videos will be available soon.
Airbus : Forest Fire Scenario: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Airbus & Frequentis : Drug Smuggling Scenario : Kerkrade, The Netherlands
Frequentis : Ferry Fire Scenario : Malaga, Spain

Technical detail

Detailed presentations made at the PSCE conference held in Salzburg in May’22:

  • The background ‘The Big Picture’
    • The journey began around 2014. This presents the full story from BroadMap, BroadWay and we now prepare towards BroadNet: A governance framework for realisation of Operational Mobility
  • Practitioner Evaluation Team
    • The importance to involve practitioners in the development process is presented
  • Industry Solutions
    • Presentations are made individually by competing consortia lead by Airbus and Frequentis
    • They provide a brief but detailed explanation of their BroadWay solution

Below you will find recordings and presentations of the latest presentations about BroadWay at the PSCE Conference in Salburg in May 2022. Each presentation is ~10mins duration and the slides can be downloaded.

The Big Picture

David Lund, PSCE, BroadWay Coordinator

Practitioner Evaluation Team

Uwe Kippnich, Bavarian Red Cross, PEVT Team Lead

RFT Documents

  • This presents the challenge made by our 11 buyers (11 countries) to industry to achieve ‘Operational Mobility’
    • Airbus and Frequentis addressed this challenge and their solutions were evaluated technically in March’22, and by responder practitioners in June-July’22.
    • The 11 buyers will finally assess their contractual delivery in September ’22.
  • For a view on the technical challenge, please refer to document TD2 PCP Challenge
  • For a view on the PCP process and legal aspects, please refer to original RFT documents
    • TD1 Request for Tender
    • TD3 Framework Agreement

Download RFT Documents

BroadWay to BroadNet: the Big Picture

The BroadNet challenge

Please visit this link for further details.