The EUCCS Roadmap

The journey began in 2014 with the publication of the Horizon2020 call topic DRS-18 Broadband Communication Systems. This led to the BroadMap project that brought together the first team to carry out a requirement validation study, and road mapping exercise.

BroadMap represented the first stage and took place from May 2016 until April 2017. It was funded under Horizon 2020 topic DRS-18-2015. Click Here for more information.
BroadWay was a Pre-commercial Procurement which took place from 2018-2022 and provided confidence that standardised technical solutions to realise the goal are available. Click Here for more information.
The next step, defined as BroadNet, now named, supports the preparation of EU governance and seeks to mature the standardised technology to realise EUCCS and the Operational Mobility capability.

The scope of work, and potential gradually grows as we progress, initially tackling:

i) user needs in BroadMap, ii) innovation in BroadWay and iii) preparing the governance and advancing technical maturity in as we progress towards realising an operational EUCCS which will be a network of national Mission Critical mobile broadbands.