The goal of is to assist in the establishment of the EU Critical Communication System (EUCCS) to realise a new pan-European Operational Mobility capability: the ability for public safety responders to:

  • carry out their operations wherever they physically are, and wherever they are from
  • whenever they need to
  • with anyone in their communication group

Our society faces increasingly complex hazards and insecurity.

Our Police and Emergency services work together tirelessly to keep us safe in our daily lives. But disasters don’t respect borders and as responders move around, technology is not keeping up.

Their missions are critical. They need Mission Critical Mobile Communication.

Responders need better technology that is fit for purpose, works anywhere, is secure, reliable, and trustworthy. Geopolitical boundaries should not be limitations when cross-border and pan-European operations can keep society safer.

EC Directorate General for Migration and Home Affairs – DG Home – and experts from EU Member states are leading the way to establish the EU Critical Communication System (EUCCS).

EUCCS will make Operational Mobility possible. Responders will be able to carry out their operations wherever they are, whenever they need to and cooperate with whoever they should. will provide the support needed to prepare the technology, application eco-system and procedures for use of the EU Critical Communication System. will work towards establishing EUCCS. It will involve experts from most EU members states and Schengen countries to:

  • Develop interconnected national testbeds to further explore and de-risk the technologies that will make EUCCS possible.
  • A new mobile application ecosystem will facilitate innovation to support such operations, taking full advantage of standardised Mission Critical Voice, Video and Data services. This includes priority and pre-emptive services, providing better mobile communication access than our commercial phones.
  • Active responders will use to trial existing new Operational Procedures for pan-EU collaboration. Responders will consider new ways of working when they are tasked to respond internationally. That can be across local borders, or in

response to major crises like the Turkish Earthquake that bring responders from the world together in one place. will trial Mission Critical mobile technology and procedures, it will also consider what policy might be needed. DG Home have created a Mission Critical Communication Expert Group (MCCG) to work towards supporting legislation that will be needed at the European level to support establishment of EUCCS. Experts from ALL EU member states and Schengen countries are involved. will work alongside the MCCG to advise on technical matters.