EC Mission Critical Expert Group will trial Mission Critical mobile technology and procedures, it will also consider what policy might be needed. DG Home have created a Mission Critical Communication Expert Group (MCCG) to work towards supporting legislation that will be needed at the European level to support establishment of EUCCS. Experts from ALL EU member states and Schengen countries are involved. will work alongside the MCCG to advise on technical matters.

The EC Mission Critical Expert Group (MCCG) was set up in 2023.

MCCG was initiated and will be chaired by a representative of European Commission DG Migration and Home Affairs (EC DG Home)

The kick off meeting of MCCG took place in September 2023.

Details of MCCG can be found here:

The Mission of MCCG is:


Establish the EU Critical Communication System. Enhance the resilience of public communication infrastructure and ensure the capacity to react in times of crises, as well as improve daily operational cooperation in the field of internal security and to support a timely and coordinated response in emergency situations.

Task of MCCG is defined:


  • Assist the Commission in the preparation of legislative proposals and policy initiatives
  • Coordinate with Member States, exchange of view

The Terms of Reference can be found here: provides technical view for the MCCG