Keeping Europe Safe

Funded by the European Commission, is a joint initiative of several European Union member states developing a secure, resilient communication network for emergency services and public safety organisations.


Prior Information Notice Update (03/07/24)

The latest PIN update and procurement documents have been published on TED

EU News: working towards a pan-European Critical Communication System

Developing Europe's Emergency Communications System is working to develop a pan-European mobile broadband system that enhances the communication and coordination of emergency services during crises and disasters. With a collaborative approach and innovative communication solutions, we are creating a reliable and resilient system that will improve the safety and security of citizens across Europe.

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Building a Safer Europe with is a collaborative effort between partners from several European Union member states, consisting of telecommunication companies, public safety organisations, and research institutes. Our aim is to develope a reliable and resilient mobile broadband system that can meet the needs of emergency services across Europe.

Our team is dedicated to improving communication and coordination during crises and disasters, with innovative solutions that enhance the safety and security of citizens across Europe. We invite you to learn more about our project, our objectives, and our partners, and to get involved in this vital work.